groupAll of our groups are for anyone who feels they have been bereaved by suicide by someone they care about; it does not matter if this conclusion was not found at inquest or if the inquest has not been held yet. You may have been bereaved for days, weeks, months or years you are welcome to access support. Please see our FAQ below for more information on our groups.

The Civic Hall Bereaved by Suicide Support Group.

Our monthly support group is an open mixed peer group. This group is informal and attendees are welcome to come and go from the group as needed. We meet on the first Tuesday evening of every month at the Civic Hall in Leeds City Centre from 6-8pm.

Clarence House Bereaved By Suicide Support

We have a new peer support group which meets every other Wednesday at Clarence House. This group has a social aspect to it and is an opportunity for those unable to attend our evening group to gain support and meet up for a warm drink and chat. Please contact us  before attending.

Living with my Loss Course

Living with my loss is a 6 week psycho-education course. Unlike the other groups LWML has a structure and a topic for each week. The course meets weekly for a 6 week period and is run periodically throughout the year. Peer support is an important element in the group and runs alongside skill sharing. LWML is a closed group and we ask that people commit to attending the full 6 week course.

Please check our Events page for any upcoming Living with my Loss courses.

Mens Network

Our Men’s Network is run by volunteers and is based on social support. Groups meet around an activity such as walking or just for a bite to eat. The group is lead by the group members and new activities can be arranged. Please contact us for more information.


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What is peer support?

Peer support means people supporting each other on an equal basis, to offer support based on shared experience. Peer support offers many benefits, for example shared identity and acceptance, the value of helping others, developing and sharing coping strategies, skills, emotional resilience and wellbeing.

Who are peer support groups for?

Bereaved by suicide peer support groups are for anyone who believes they have lost someone they care about to suicide. It doesn’t matter if that person was a close family member, friends, colleague or neighbour or if the loss was 2 days, 2 years or 22 years ago.

Are peer support groups right for me?

Everyone’s experience of loss and bereavement are unique and although peer group support is extremely valuable to many people, it is not always right for everyone. The group worker is there before, during and after a group to talk to about any questions or concerns you have. If you find group support isn’t right for you right now that is not to say it won’t be helpful in time and LSBS have a variety of kind of support you can access.

Which group should I go to?

We have a range of groups and you can attend whichever one interests you. Our group worker is always around to give you more details about each group and which one might be best for you to attend first.

Is it group counselling?

No, our groups are mutual peer support groups and facilitators are not trained counsellors. We can refer to individual counselling if this is something you would be interested in.

Is it normal to be nervous about attending a group?

Yes, attending a group can be daunting and the group facilitator is available to meet with you before a group if you feel this would help. You could bring a family member or friend to your first group for support. It is important to remember that everyone in the group is there for a similar reason and that no one is judging you.

What do people talk about in the groups?

The content of the groups are very mixed and are dependant on what the group members want to bring to each session. Loss and bereavement are not discussed throughout the whole group, there is laughter and many stories told too. You do not need to speak in the group at all if you don’t feel like it, we try to share time equally but you are free to pass if you don’t want to talk and just want to listen.

Where and when are the peer support groups held?

The groups are held in Leeds City Centre in a number of locations, the monthly support group is in the evening, the Oxford Place Support Group during the day and the Men’s Network and LWML group alternate between daytime and evening meetings.

Do I need to live in Leeds?

To access the majority of LSBS support you need to live within a Leeds postcode but the majority of our groups are open to those living outside Leeds. Please contact the group worker to discuss if you live outside Leeds and would like to come to the Living with my Loss group.

How long are the peer support groups?

All of our groups have a 2 hour duration but some of that time is used for social time and refreshments.

Can I arrive late at a session?

Arriving a little late, or leaving early is not a restriction for attending a group. It is best to let the group worker know (if possible) if you know you will be running late.

Who leads the groups?

We have a group worker, Laura who is the main point of contact for information about the groups and facilitates at many of the groups. We also have volunteers Surinder and Terry who help out. All workers and volunteers within Leeds Suicide Bereavement Service have been bereaved by suicide themselves.
Please contact us to fine out more.

Can I use different types of support at the same time?

Yes, you can use support from across the service. So could attend a peer group and an individual session at the same time.